Research on the Presidential Selection System

The following is a sample of research on the Presidential selection system, its history, and how we can improve it. Scholars, statisticians, journalists and concerned citizens have contributed to these works.



THe Electoral College Distorts our Political Process

Andrew Hall, a professor at Stanford University, shows that the Presidential selection system distorts the political process in the United States.


The History of the Electoral College and how states distribute Electors

An in-depth look at how the Presidential selection system evolved, the motivations that formed it, and its negative impact on the United States. 

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Where does our Presidential Selection System Come from?

An article by MEVC Board Members Reed Hundt and Richard Tedlow on the history of the Presidential selection system

Public Commentary


Tyranny of the minority

How the American political system allows a minority of citizens to wield control over the majority, and what we can do to change politics for the better.


The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists

TIME Magazine looks at the origins of the Electoral College and discusses the real motivation for its existence: the preservation of slavery.


How to make the Electoral College Work for Everyone

Washington Monthly Magazine discusses how America can improve the Presidential selection system.


Is the electoral college doomed?

Politico Magazine describes current efforts to pass the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact


The presidential selection system is a national security threat

The Hon. Matthew Olsen and Ben Haas show how the current system leaves our elections vulnerable to tampering that can swing an outcome


presidential selection system Security Vulnerability

Business Insider reports on how the 'unique' nature of the U.S. voting system could help Russia tip the scales in a future election.