The candidate with the most votes should become President.

The person who wins the most votes nationally should become the President of the country. States can pass a law that makes this principle a reality. Ten states and the District of Columbia have enacted that law: The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. These jurisdictions have 165 electoral votes. The Compact goes into effect when the number of states that passed it account for a majority of the electors in the Electoral College. The remaining 40 states have 373 electoral votes. If states with only 105 pass the Compact, then the Republic at last would have a truly democratic method of selecting the President -- one in which every vote in the United States is weighed equally in the balance when deciding who most of the people want as the Chief Executive Officer of the government.


MEVC Launches!

We are a new nonpartisan nonprofit with a bipartisan Board of Directors working to reform the Presidential selection system. See the work we have already accomplished!


Research on the Presidential Selection System

The Presidential selection system affects campaigning, policymaking, and national security in ways the Founders never intended and few realize.

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What is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact?

Learn about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and why we are more than 60% the way towards changing the Presidential selection system.

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