A National Popular Vote System is Better for the People, the President, and the Country


Throughout our nation's history...

through all the twists and turns in the story of our country, we've never wavered on one core principle: that all people are equal, that each person should have an equal voice, and that our government operates by the consent of the governed. Over time, we realized that parts of our original framework included injustices: the three-fifths compromise, allowing only men to vote, and restricting marriage to a man and a woman. We've corrected each of those injustices to create a better, more perfect union. Today, we are presented with an injustice that is more subtle but just as impactful: a very small portion of our country selects the person that leads us all. We all need to participate in that selection on an equal playing field, and we must ensure that our leader answers not just to that small segment of people, but to all of the governed. 

The Framers designed our government to be a Democratic Republic, with citizens directly participating in some elements but acting through representatives in others. The Electoral College and the election of the President occupied a strange middle ground: it was designed to be *mostly* democratic, except in cases where some states could bully others. Even if that was the right approach, the system has done precisely the opposite: today it is blindingly obvious which states matter in Presidential elections and which don't. The Electoral College is an egregious example of a system so complicated, contorted, and mutilated that it accomplishes the opposite of its original design. The good news is that its design is no longer relevant, and a much simpler, elegant solution awaits us. 

A National Popular Vote system corrects the injustice: it ensures that a candidate can only become President by persuading the majority of the country that their vision for the country is the right one. Gone are the electoral games, the voter apathy and the concentrated, saturated political ads. A National Popular Vote system helps us focus on the issues, and once a candidate wins the Presidency, we will all know that the country is truly behind them.

It's time to ensure that every citizen participates in our government, that the issues in their hearts are in the minds of the public servants they elect. It's time to ensure that the leader of the free world has the full backing of the electorate of the greatest country on Earth. It's time to ensure that every voice is heard, that every need is felt, and that every vote counts. It's time to elect the President the right way.


Join us.